CSSA Convention
April 10-15, 2009

5 intense days of C&S Fun

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Joe, Peter & Yvonne enjoying the evening
Kelly, Woody and Denise having fun
Jim, Roberta, Hans and Mark
Sales area open until midnight
Tequila Tasting
CactiGuide.com members
Auctioned for $3,000
Can you believe the prices?

All day at Reddington Pass, looking at succulents. It doesn't get any better

Beautiful Vistas
Our Leader Matt Johnson
Wow! Look at all those plants!
That's Tucson way down there
Getting ready, 112 people on tour
He's watching us
That's our road
Agave chrysantha
Agave schotti
A. chrysantha
A. schottii x chrysantha = A. treleasii
Ocotillos in bloom
Desert Mallow

Fairy Duster, Arizona style
One very large A. chrysantha (or A. palmeri
Ferns in the desert
This thistle was everywhere
Robert's looking for his bus
A wild onion
Beautiful cups
Mariposa Lily
Opuntua phaeacantha
More onion
The birds got this one
Beautiful Saguaros
Cylindropuntia spinosior, Cane Cholla
Echinocereus rigidissimus
Ferocactus wislizenii
Fire amost did this one in
Beautiful clump
Growing right out of the rock
Ecninomastus erectrocentrus
Mammillaria grahamii
Escobaria vivipara ssp. bisbeeana
Echinocereus fasciculatus and bonkerae - dark centrals are bonkerae
Dasylirion wheeleri, Desert Spoon, Sotol
Yucca elata
Mammillaria macdougalii

Cylindropuntia leptocaulis