Quartzsite Field Trip
January 24, 2009

With a short side
trip to Corn Springs

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We're 8 miles up a dirt road, Isabelle says "What's That?" - We stopped - fantastic!
The entire hillside, every flat rock has petroglyphs on it.
This one is modern
Big Horn Sheep?
Near the Petroglyph site - Cholla
Opuntia basilaris
Ferocactus cylindraceus
Carmen getting down the hill
A sure sign of the drought that is affecting Southern California - Big old Ocotillos and some Echinocereus - dead
Shy Fero
Fantastic plants
Hillside of Ocotillos
Nice, young echinocereus
More Opuntia basilaris
Jojoba bush
One stem didn't make it
Young Ocotillo (not many this size)
Another site, nearby
Great pair growing on a rock wall
C. bigelovii?
Wild Cucumber - AKA 'Manroot' do to the size of the tuber underground - to 100 lbs.
Near Quartzsite, under a wild old Saguaro for lunch. See Quartzsite Pics for these plants three years ago
Part of the bunch
Finally, Our destination
I'm really a plant guy